Chapter 6 Project


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TMA Interview

Eric Mittal

COMM 2371 – Advertising Principles and Practices

Professional advertiser interview

Interview with Candace Preston from The Marketing Arm in Dallas, Texas

Phone # (214) 259-3200


While touring the agency this weekend, I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Preston about everything that her agency is doing right now and what her role is in the agency.


I was originally an art major actually but at the beginning of my sophomore year I discovered that I loved the concept of advertising as a career. After figuring this out I wanted to jump into anything advertising related that I could. I had two internships during college that prepared me for my career. I cannot stress enough the importance of internships. This is really the only way to truly immerse yourself into the advertising world.

My normal day starts with my daily commute to work. I use all public transportation to get downtown and it has saved me so much time and money. Skipping the traffic in the morning at downtown Dallas is something that makes my mornings better than others. My work in the big picture is a little bit of everything. I do everything from maintain communication with our smaller accounts updating them on progress to putting on events within our agency.


My greatest satisfaction is getting to sit back and see a finished product and knowing that I had a key part in the production of it. If I had to pick a close second place it would be getting to see the responses from the people who have also worked on their individual parts in bringing a campaign together.

If I am understanding correctly, the answer to this question is about what I do and how it relates to general society. My goal on a daily basis is to capture and maintain the audience’s attention while tying meaning to our product for them.


The greatest challenge on a daily basis for me is staying organized. I always tell college students to learn organization skills now so they have them later. You must be able to prioritize what is important and what is urgent.


I think one of the biggest challenges out of those that you mentioned are the conversations going around about what is private information and what is not. Everything you say and do is saved somewhere by someone whether you like it or not.


The biggest change I can foresee in the future is the change in technology that is sweeping the industry. Between augmented reality and all the voice operated technology, we have our hands full with finding the best use for the new stuff.


At our particular agency we like bubbly and outgoing induvials who can also focus and get things done. We want skills that CAN be used but most importantly HAVE been used. The very best thing that students can do is show us where they used their skills what made them the best at it.


My biggest suggestion is to stay passionate. Many times, students lose motivation or get caught up in the hustle and bustle of getting in students but it is so important to remember why you wanted to go into the field in the first place.

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Vy Nguyen Chapter 12 Project

Chapter 12 Project

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week 12

week 12

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week 11 Mac Cumpian

week 12 mac DP

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Week 11- Lauren Graham

week 12 DP

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Kenneth Oliver Chapter 12 Project

Kenneth’s project

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Ch. 12


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